What is a Premier Player account and what are the benefits?

Upon become a premier player, users will enjoy the benefits of receiving bonus chips and gold from their daily spin, extra athlete information to enhance lineups, a guaranteed athlete from their favorite team and exclusive discounts from the FantasySpin store. In future patches, a premier player will also receive premier points which go towards FantasySpin merchandise, athlete insurance, access to private premier leagues, leaderboards and athlete trading boards.

How long can I play as a guest?

Guest users can play the games and earn game currency like everyone else.  Guests will not be included in the leaderboard and as such cannot earn leaderboard achievements.

Guest users will not be able to save their content, it will only be on their initial device so if there is an issue with your device you will lose all of your content.

How are trophies and badges calculated?

Trophies are earned by winning tournaments. Accomplishments are earned a variety of ways and come with a badge, coins and gold. Some of the ways:

  • Spinning Teams
  • Entering Tournaments
  • Winning Tournaments
  • Beating your opponent badly
  • Losing to an opponent horribly
  • Watching Ads
  • Sharing on Social Media
  • Winning large numbers of chips
  • Others and more to come

What are gold and chips for? How do I earn gold and chips?


  • Use - to spin again and enter tournaments
  • Earn - By winning tournaments, earning achievements, spinning top players, and Daily Spin


  • Use - to lock players in your line-up
  • Earn - By earning achievements, spinning top players, and Daily Spin

What is a projected score?

Each player has a projected score just to the right of their position.  This is based on each player’s projected statistics for the coming game.  Your projected total score can be found just above your line-up on the spin screen.

What is Instant Win?

Beside getting one of the best players at a position you also win instantly. Based on a player’s projected score they may be ranked as a gold, silver, or bronze player.  Each of these rankings come with instant gold and/or chips.  You can only win instantly from a player once during a line-up selection so our suggestion is to lock these players in as soon as possible.

How do I lock players? How many players can I lock in a team?

Really like some of your line-up, but want to re-spin some of the others.  Never fear, you have 6 locks to work with and all it will cost is a little gold.  You can keep track of your available locks in the top right of the spin screen.

 There are two ways to lock a player:

  • After clicking the player, and learning a bit more about them, you can choose to lock them at the bottom of the pop-up
  • On the spin screen, bottom right, you can select Lock Player.  Simply click on the player to lock them.

Each lock will get cost more gold and be careful, you only have 6 and if you want to unlock them you won’t get your gold back ;).

These players are yours and are locked in for this line-up selection.  Feel free to spin again to make the other changes to your line-up.